Utility for your Foxy's in gaming, comics and more!

Meet Foxy Fam

Foxy is lost from home in the burrows while chasing butterflies one day. Join in the journey as Foxy meets new friends in different regions on an adventure back to family!

Secondary Sales

Foxy Trot Game!

Join Foxy on a journey through the forest collecting butterflys and avoiding obstacles! This run-based style game will bring your avatar NFT into the full 3D world!

**Pre-launch access to all Foxy holders. Beta web version launching soon!

Foxy's Price & Details

Possibly the cutest 3,333 NFT collection in existence. Each will be set at a minting price of 0.03 ETH, and open for up to 20 per transaction. Be quick, as there are many variations to be collected!


Minting Roadmap